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hacking a nite hawk

I have a Nite Hawk Al-x emitter that I want to hack this winter. Does anyone know what's in it? From what I've read it should be a luxeon 1W. If it is in fact, what driver and led can I swap into the housing? The housing is aluminum, and is definitely heavy enough to act as a sink. Thanks, Dre ... Read More »

Looking for beamshots of the Nite Hawk K2 Emitter

Just curious...I read about how powerful it was in a 2007 review, and it piqued my interest as a spot light.Read More »

Nite Hawk AL-X switch bad?

Hi all--I am looking for a helmet mount led light and see the Nite Hawk AL-X selling in the $100 range at Nashbar. The price is right for me, but reading the reviews on this light I see there is (was?) a power switch problem. Apparently it was just too hard to press(?) for all reviewers. Does any ... Read More »

Nite Hawk Charger question

Anyone know if I can use my nitehawk phoenix dual charger to charge the battery for my nitehawk single phoenix. The only difference is the dual has a 7400mA rating and the single is a 3700mA, both are NiMH. Nitehawk says no, anyone know if this is true or just protecting the warranty.Read More »

Nite Hawk Emitter Series Lights

I was just wondering if anyone has ever used or knows someone who has used the Nite Hawk Emitter series lights? If so how is the system? I am interested in buying them and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Chris.Read More »





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