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Nightsun Replacement Battery...

Hello MTB night riders... I have an old XC Nightsun, which I used to love... bought it around 1996 and it lasted for years. I'm finally getting back into night riding and i want to resurect my nightsun with a new battery. Looking online Nightsun has a replacment but it is quite expensiv ... Read More »

Nightsun XC and Nimh battery power?

Had my dual beam XC lamps for years. The Nicad battery setup still works but has a quite diminished run time anymore. Just bought a 13.2v Nimh battery and smart charger to use. OEM was 12v but I surmise 10% more won't kill things. Anyone else with a Nightsun XC done the same?Read More »

Convert Nightsun to LED 400 to 500+ lumens

I took a crack at DIY conversion of my old Nightsun. The battery is a Porter-Cable 12V 2amp hour. PN 95223 (150 lumens) and PN 23125 (260 lumens) from LEDlight.com. Had to modify both to fit inside but the result seemed satisfactory. Beamshots coming soon.Read More »

Interesting find looking for new Nightsun XC batteries...

$100 - $150 for new NiCad batteries from Nightsun. Talked to my Interstate Batteries rep and they have them for $40. P/N NIC0310. I can find a new water bottle and expanding foam with the money saved, lol. Just need to check and make sure Interstate is aware of Nightsun's shady color-coding reve ... Read More »

Nightsun XC questions (especially the battery..)

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I have a Nightsun XC that I have used for commuting for several years. The battery is finally dying so I ordered a new one from Interstate Batteries. I just got it and it looks pretty good. The batteries are paired in sleeves (not sure of the techie term) and soldered togeth ... Read More »





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