Nightsun Replacement Battery...

Hello MTB night riders... I have an old XC Nightsun, which I used to love... bought it around 1996 and it lasted for years. I'm finally getting back into night riding and i want to resurect my nightsun with a new battery. Looking online Nightsun has a replacment but it is quite expensiv ... Read More »

Nightsun XC and Nimh battery power?

Had my dual beam XC lamps for years. The Nicad battery setup still works but has a quite diminished run time anymore. Just bought a 13.2v Nimh battery and smart charger to use. OEM was 12v but I surmise 10% more won't kill things. Anyone else with a Nightsun XC done the same?Read More »

Convert Nightsun to LED 400 to 500+ lumens

I took a crack at DIY conversion of my old Nightsun. The battery is a Porter-Cable 12V 2amp hour. PN 95223 (150 lumens) and PN 23125 (260 lumens) from Had to modify both to fit inside but the result seemed satisfactory. Beamshots coming soon.Read More »

Interesting find looking for new Nightsun XC batteries...

$100 - $150 for new NiCad batteries from Nightsun. Talked to my Interstate Batteries rep and they have them for $40. P/N NIC0310. I can find a new water bottle and expanding foam with the money saved, lol. Just need to check and make sure Interstate is aware of Nightsun's shady color-coding reve ... Read More »

Nightsun XC questions (especially the battery..)

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I have a Nightsun XC that I have used for commuting for several years. The battery is finally dying so I ordered a new one from Interstate Batteries. I just got it and it looks pretty good. The batteries are paired in sleeves (not sure of the techie term) and soldered togeth ... Read More »


Nightsun Product Categories


Dual Beam XC 2.77
24   Reviews
$ 224.95
Lithium Sunsport 1
0   Reviews
$ 39.95
Patrol Delux 2.33
2   Reviews
SpARC Team 2.6
3   Reviews
$ 299.95
SpARC XC 3.27
11   Reviews
$ 379.95
SunSport 3.5
12   Reviews
$ 99.95
Team Issue 3.43
5   Reviews
$ 174.95
Tri-light 4.36
9   Reviews
$ 389.95

Older Lights

Team Issue Dual Beam 3.45
73   Reviews
$ 174.95



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