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Anyone tried the nightlightning iBlaast ix?

Nightlightning's made to order iblaast ix has, as you would guess from the name, 9 cree XP-Gs. The blurb on the site says: * 2800 Lumens @ 2100ma drive * 3600 Lumens @ 3000ma drive * 9x Cree XP-G LEDs * High efficiency optics * Switch mode LED regulation * Digital co ... Read More »

Nightlightning news

In these difficult times when the market is flooded with the MS and its clones, there are two companies that offer (or will offer) commercially available lighting systems with the latest Cree XP-G LED. One is - as everyone knows - Lupine, both the Betty and the Wilma will be upgraded, significantly ... Read More »

XPE or XPG into Nightlightning IBlaast?

G'day all. This is my first post, although I've been a member for about a year, but a lurker for much longer. I'm a huge fan of this forum. The combined "know-how" is simply awesome! I ... Read More »

L&M ARC, Nightlightning iBlaast! beamshots

Just for fun I've compared my new iBlaast! to the L&M ARC I have been using for a bit. I had a little go at some beamshots of the ARC last week before the iBlaast arrived and those seemed easier to capture. Tonights photos were a bit more involved as I wanted to take a few at different settings. ... Read More »

Nightlightning iBlaast Details

Here's some basic info on the iBlaast for those interested. Mine just arrived from NZ. Don't have the battery yet (grr!) as I chose to source it locally, but figured the basic info might be useful. Folks from Nightlightning were extremely helpful with info and details when I asked, but the websit ... Read More »


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