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Video: DirtTV - Punta Ala Enduro World Series Round One

Last weekend, some of the top riders and legends from Downhill Racing, Cross-Country and and Four-Cross converged at Punta Ala, Italy for the first ever Enduro World Series Race. They were rewarded with a racing experience that is not only sweeping the nation but the world.    Read More »

Nicolai Helius AFR

Following the AM and the AC the new Helius line is getting a new  sibling. Our latest baby has taken the name of the Helius AFR, it stands  for All Freeride. The name is the destination: Bikepark playgrounds,  trail hunting, gaps 'n steps, epic descents, spot hopping while dropping  in where ever yo ...    Read More »

Enduro Series Valloire Round 3 Schedule

The Enduro Series / French Enduro Cup 3rd round will take place in Valloire the 4th and 5th of August. The Savoyard resort will be packed and will welcome 350 riders ready to battle over 6 runs including a 1700m vertical drop stage between Valloire and St Michel de Maurienne. Up front, the fight ...    Read More »

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Nicolai's in Action - August 2013

I pleasd with you, post up your Nicolai's in action... Northern Hemisphere summer, photos should be in abundance :thumbsup:Read More »

My new Nicolai AC 29r 140mm

Got this to replace Kermit, my previous nicolai AC 120mm 29r. It's a hauler....really pleased with it other than I'd like to lose a pound or two but don't want to compromise the stability.... Glentress next weekend to see how it copes down there..... Flame away :) [url=http://www.flickr. ... Read More »

July 2013 - Nicolai's in Action

Okay all. It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, furnish us with some jaw dropping great photos.... Mid winter down under, need some stokage photosRead More »

June 2013 Nicolai's in action

Near enough the longest day to make the pilgrimage up high. [img]http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2832/9099754650_7548443589.jpg[/img] [img]http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3809/9099759922_d5b3496d67.jpg[/img] Solo mission so no in-action shots but it was a brilliant ride :pRead More »

Nicolai ION 16 Set-Up Database

Nicolai ION 16 owners please post your setups. Potential owners view, compare, drool & gain insight etc! [URL="http://nicolai.net/"]Nicolai Linky[/URL] Also "no flames please" you can do that on other posts or create a new one if you need to vent, let this be an information data base to ass ... Read More »

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