Poll: Help Mtbr Pick the Next Trek Test Bike

Trek wants to send us a test bike but mix things up, they gave us the Trek Project One url and said "Create your own test bike!" Ok, that could be a blessing or a curse because now we have to choose between a million bike configurations and color options.   Read More »

Little Rippers - Riding with the Next Generation like Malcolm at Hellion Park

Let’s face it…when you’ve been bitten by the mountain biking bug, it becomes your Passion. You want to spend every free moment (and sometimes, every last dollar) getting your flow on.    Read More »

Boothstorming Sea Otter: Shimano highlights new XTR 11-speed group

We take a peek inside Shimano’s booth at the Sea Otter Classic which is—not surprisingly—all XTR 11-speed, all the time.   Read More »

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Currently own '98 Homegrown Factory XT; student; next step?

Hi all, I do XC stuff on local trails in the Bay Area (Alum Rock mostly, Skeggs a few times) on a '98 Homegrown Factory XT hardtail, in 19" size (I'm 6') that I scored for really cheap on craigslist a couple years ago. I've only been riding since. [ATTACH=CONFIG]821344[/ATTACH] Current specs: Cont ... Read More »

What should be my next step?

I started mountain biking in march. I have a 2013 raleigh talus 4.0 I've done a few cross country races with poor results. I'm unsure on upgrading components or buying a new bike. I'm looking at a specialized carve pro 29. But unsure if I should buy a new bike or just upgrade my raleigh which is a 2 ... Read More »

Trek 4300, What to move to next?

Hey everyone. First post here. I bought a 2006 Trek 4300 about a month ago and I am loving riding! I installed a roof rack and bike rack ( Rhino Rack and Mountain Trail Carrier) so I'm pretty sold. I spent more on the racks then bike actually, $400 to $260. Anyway, the bike is great, but I am gettin ... Read More »

Driving from Bellingham, WA to Rossland, BC next week - need suggestions!

I'm taking my family on a trip up to Bellingham where we will ride Galbraith then make our way North to Abbotsford and East through Princeton arriving at Rossland where we will stay for three days. Questions: 1. On that route are there any places we should stop and ride? 2. What should we n ... Read More »

Anyone going to the freeride fest next weekend in WP?

Anyone going next weekend Just hope the rain holds out this year and they get to run on Sat VS Sunday !Read More »

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