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X-Fusion Hilo 100 Review

At the end of last year, the suspension company X-Fusion released their new 100mm-travel adjustable seatpost called the HILO or HIgh-LOw. The hydraulic seatpost is infinitely adjustable in its 100 mm range, and can be set up to be either cable actuated from a remote on the handlebar or from a lever ...    Read More »

Pedro's Ice Wax 2.0

In this video, Pedro's main man, Chris Zigmont shows us the latest version of their ever popular Ice Wax ver 2.0 made from natural bee's wax: Info about Pedro's Ice Wax 2.0 from their website: "The same great Pedro’s Ice Wax performance now made with a biodegradable, natural wax base. Our long-l ...    Read More »

Sea Otter Takes a Few Giant Steps Toward Reducing its Carbon Footprint

Sea Otter's Environmental Stewardship seeks to preserve Laguna Seca and Fort Ord MONTEREY, Calif. (April 14, 2008) Quietly over the years, the Sea Otter Classic has managed to make great strides as a "green" event by reducing its carbon footprint. Now Sea Otter has become the model against which ...    Read More »

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7a Natural Lube

Anyone hear of 7a Natural Lube? It's supposed to be an all-purpose, natural penetrating oil but the only reviews I've read are on the manufacturer's website: [url]http://www.natural7a.com/[/url] Appreciate any info on the product, thanks.Read More »

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