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Yeti All-In on Blue: Enduro Sole Focus for Racing Efforts in 2014

Team Yeti goes “all-enduro, all the time,” focusing on the discipline exclusively for 2014.   Read More »

Nathan Rennie and Lower 45 Bike Camps

World champion Nathan Rennie’s newest chapter has begun! Nathan has joined forces with X Whistler local Chris Dickson to embark on their own adventure, Lower 45 Bike Camps. Based out of Queenstown New Zealand which sits on the 45th parallel south of the equator (45 degrees 02’ 34” S to be exact), “O ...    Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Downieville Classic Sheriff's Blotter

The ASS gets his hands on the Sheriff’s Blotter after a raucous weekend in Downieville.   Read More »

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Nathan Hale Trail Gnomes

Just a heads up to whoever has been doing 'work' at Nathan Hale. I believe that as a historic landmark that the woods are not supposed to be developed at all. The raking of the trails was helpful and appreciated, but some of the other 'improvements' are very noticable and could potentially land us ... Read More »

Nathan Berrong says West Coast is Best Beer Coast

Hey, this guy is making a lot of sense.... [url]http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2011/06/27/berrong-on-beer-going-big-on-west-coast-brews/?hpt=hp_c2[/url] :thumbsup:Read More »

Nathan Woods Passes Away

[url]http://www.cyclenews.com/articles/off-road/2011/01/28/off-roader-nathan-woods-passes-away[/url] :madman:Read More »

Bigelow today, Nathan Hale tomorrow

I'm riding Bigelow Hollow today, expert terrain,fast pace. 10:00, fisherman's lot. Tomorrow (sunday) I'm riding Nathan Hale at 9;30, low intermediate pace, though trails are pretty technical. 3 hours or so.Read More »

Nathan Rennie...

Hey, I might have missed the boat on this one, but what happened to Rennie? He was ripping it up for a while there...Read More »

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