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Hutchinson Barracuda MRC High 2.1 UST - where?

Anyone seen where these are available? Pricepoint used to have them cheap ($20-25 each) The MRC High is the dual duro compound, older version had silver/black rubber, new ones are all black.Read More »

MRC Steely Danz Crank question....

McMahon Racing. Anyone know if/how/where to get the Alu., square taper insert replaced in 'em? I'd love to get them back on a bike sometime. I forget which side, but one of them widened, and I got unpreventable play. Had to take them off years ago. Been sitting around ever since. Thanks!Read More »

McMahon (MRC) Titanium

I recently acquired this McMahon (MRC) Titanium bike and I honestly do not know much of the history about this company...Does anyone know where they were made and when they were in business? This particular bike is supposedly from about 1991 and it seems rather nice for an "early" Ti MTB, plus it ... Read More »

Barracuda 2.3 MRC UST - boat anchor of a trail tire

OK, so I'm a clyde and ride wild and wooly, and have been trying to find a good, tough, semi-lightweight UST tire for the rear (Mavic 819 rim). Last tire I ran was a tubed Nokian NBX 2.3 and if pressures were below 45psi, I was getting pinch flats. :madman: Schalbe Nobby Nic.....cut sidewall. :ma ... Read More »

MRC Ti and litespeed e-stay......

So i got an old litespeed with the elevated chain stay, Ya i'm keeping it. I also got a MRC Ti frame any idea where i can get some info on the two frames.... Any info would be great, i'll end up selling the mrc frame.... Any idea what to ask?:madman:Read More »



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