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Mr tuffy strips

I had 4 flats this past weekend do to fox tails. I have put the tuuffies back in because they just work. How much speed am I loosing. I will be buying tubless wheels in the near future but for now I am just curious about results from other riders. The bike does feel a little slower. Thanks for the i ... Read More »

What's A Better Prophylactic; Mr Tuffy or Stop Flats?

After getting my first flat on a 29 x 2.1 tire from a thorn, I'm wondering about Mr Tuffy vs StopFlat2. The Tuffy I got is for a 2.0 to 2.5. the StopFlat I got is for a 2.25 to 2.5 and is about 1/4 wider than the Tuffy. Is one better than the other? I read about Tuffy causing flats unless you fil ... Read More »

Mr Tuffy CAUSING flats

Thats right the liners are causing flats. Two flats in two days. Where the tuffy ends inside the tire it is slicing through the tube . Anyone every had this problem? I have ran these same tuffys for the last 6 months with no problems, then 2 flats, holes in the exact same spots. Just put a thor ... Read More »

PLEASE ADVISE... mr tuffy liner, slime liner or slime tubes?

i found a few articles on the net already as well as here but it seems that people have some mixed emotions. so i thought i would run this question again just to see what you all recommend. i CAN'T go TUBELESS at the time, short on money. i was wondering which of the 3 options bellow is the best ... Read More »

Can't decide on Slime liners or Mr. Tuffy (Brown)

The Reviews section doesn't appear to have either product. I've been doing some searches on MTB and also on the web. Getting a mix bag of yays and nays for both. Slime seems a bit cheaper and I like the cool green color, hehe. But Mr. Tuffy has been around a bit and cost more (perhaps it works bette ... Read More »





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