SPAM: need moxey seatpost parts

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Moxey Elastomers

I thought I'd check on this forum first...Is it possible to get elastomers for Moxey posts anymore? Were these posts sized the same as conventional posts? I have been offered a 25 but my post is a 27.2. Out of the question? Thanks JKRead More »

Replace Moxey Elastomer

Anyone know where I can purchase a replacement elastomer (red) for my moxey parallelogram seat post? I understand that Moxey is now out of business. Thanks for your help.Read More »

Moxey Suspension Seatpost

I have come across a Moxey suspension seatpost and I'm trying to change the elastomer insert. I have no idea how to do this and was hoping someone who used to have one could tell me how. Any help for a newbie? Thanks, MarkRead More »


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