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Mountain Cycle Twentysixandsix Carbon bike

If you've been around the sport a while, you would be familiar with the Mountain Cycle brand. Mountain Cycle revolutionized the mountian bike world in 1991 when they introduced the San Andreas bike. This bike featured an aluminum monocoque full suspension frame, disc brakes and an upside down 2-inch ...    Read More »

Trail Rated: Troy Lee EG and KG Armor Built to All-Mountain, Enduro Spec

In the market for 'goldilocks' armor for your Enduro race? Something that's not to heavy but not too light? Read on and see if these ones are for you.   Read More »

2013 Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival Report

Introduction by Francis Cebedo On this fourth rendition of the Santa Cruz Mountain Festival, I took the family out not knowing what to expect. Last year, there was an Enduro Race event in the adjacent Soquel Demo Forest and it attracted quite a crowd. This year though, that race was detached from ...    Read More »

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Mountain Cycle Rumble gone raw and 650B Build Log

Good evening, or morning, or afternoon, gentlemen and ladies. It's 5 o'clock somewhere and that somewhere is here. Actually it's 5:43. Whatever. I've been riding a Mountain Cycle Rumble with 26" wheels, 2.4 front/2.2 rear tires, 1x9 drivetrain, a Rockshox Pike, and a BMX saddle and seatpost. ... Read More »

Mountain Cycle Fury Frame

I just got a Mountain cycle fury frame delivered to me from a store in MN. I know that the mountain cycle fury was discontinued. I got the new frame for a steal. The frame came with a Rockshox Ario 2 R. Now I am going to build a mountain bike with the MC Fury. Any suggestion on a fork. I am pa ... Read More »

mountain cycle san andreas 2006 decals

Yeah Hi , I just purchased a 2006 san andreas, When I pulled it out from the box, much to my disappointment the right side of the frame was missing its decals, please help any body ??????, cheers old silverfoxRead More »

2005 Mountain Cycle Stumptown CX

My next ride: 2005 Mountain Cycle Stumptown CX build trying to decide on discs or canti's for this "classic". It has my 60cm top-tube dimension, which for CX bikes is hard to find. Bought this frame/fork (shipped out of state) from Sellwood, who I highly recommend! Sellwood Cycle Repair - [ ... Read More »

My first mountain bikes. GT Tequesta and Cycle Tech Wild Thing.

My first mountain bike was a GT Tequesta. Loved the paint job. Don't know why I ran that smoked chrome fork unless the stock fork was bent. If I could find another of these in decent condition, I'd buy it and restore it. The Cycle Tech Wild Thing was my racing bike throughout the 90's. Later additio ... Read More »

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Mountain Cycle Product Categories

29er Forks

Carbon CR Fork 4
1   Reviews
$ 270.00

29er Hardtail

Twentynineandthirteen 0
0   Reviews
$ 750.00

All Mountain Full Suspension

Fury 4.5
40   Reviews
$ 0.00
San Andreas 2.0 0
0   Reviews
$ 1899.00

Downhill Full Suspension

Shockwave 9point5 4.86
35   Reviews
Shockwave Two 0
0   Reviews
$ 2150.00


San Andreas 4.8
71   Reviews
$ 1099.00

XC Full Suspension

Zen 4.42
19   Reviews
Zen II 0
0   Reviews
$ 1699.00

XC Hardtail

Twentysixandsix Carbon 0
0   Reviews
$ 2499.00




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