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older motiv from costco 7005 series aluminum frame (worthy upgrades?)

Hi all I have an older motiv with a 7005 series aluminum frame 19". I heard these were actually pretty descent bikes and I would like to know of what tools I need and what I should upgrade on this bike. I'm basically a noob born again bike rider and I do wanna hit some jumps otherwise how else ca ... Read More »

motiv bike replacement parts

i am a noob, and i have a noob question i bought a Motiv Vortex costco bike for college commuting which was fine. now i'm starting mountain biking on local trails, probably mostly dirt and soil, and some part of the fire road consists of rocks up to the size of a human fist. and currently i'm try ... Read More »

'90's PINK rockMonster by motiv fork Q./

tange o/s frame tubing,XT hubs,LX components-NOT a dept. store rig.the RST400 fork has very little travel.are there any adjustments?any web site info would be appreciated.Read More »

Motiv Ground Pounder - Need to replace rear shock

I have a Motiv Ground Pounder from Cosco wholesale....put about 1600+ miles on it. Rear shock seems kinda smushy now...bounces way too much, doesn't absorb like it used to. Does anyone have a recommendation for replacement. I have not too much an idea about shocks and what to replace it with or w ... Read More »

Motiv Rockridge?

I'm thinking about getting a mountain bike, nothing fancy as I'm probably not going to go all hard core, but something decent for simple trails. A friend of a friend is trying to sell me a bike. It is a Motiv, the model name is 'Rockridge'. I did a search on the web to see if I could find out any ... Read More »


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Groundpounder 4.14
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2001 Rockpoint 3.64
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