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Wahoo Fitness RFLKT Computer, Blue HR, Blue SC and KICKR Power Trainer

The new offerings from Wahoo Fitness that includes the Blue HR bluetooh 4.0 heartrate strap, the Blue SC bluetooth 4.0 speed and cadence sensor, and the RFLKT iPhone powered bike computer for your handlebars.    Read More »

QBP SaddleDrive - Park Tool, Pedro's, Lazer, SixSixOne, Wahoo Fitness and more!

QBP is the largest bicycle parts distributor in the US and they hold a special event every year for their top dealers and select media. The event is held in QBPs backyard (QBP West is based out of Ogden, UT. Their main world HQ is in Bloomington, MN) at the Snowbasin lodge and resort. It was a pe ...    Read More »

runtastic's MountainBike PRO iPhone App Free for 3 days!

I just received a notice about a new iPhone app for mountain bikers called MountainBike PRO from a company named runtastic. MountainBike PRO is the full edition of their app that includes: "a clean interface, this easy-to-use app tracks your ascent and altitude and provides other helpful met ...    Read More »

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MotionX users - What mode do you track in?

For those of you using MotionX to track your rides, what mode do you use to record to get the most accurate readings? I have mine set to auto, but wondering if some of the other modes are better.Read More »

MotionX lite vs the paid version

So took a mtb ride w/ my polar RS800cx and compared it to motionx i had downloaded to my iphone. Mapping feature was neat as I did not get the gps add on for the polar. Though the map was quite accurate riding in the woods, the data was quite off. I assume this was because the motionx did not kee ... Read More »

MotionX for iphone and HRM data

So lots of people seem to like MotionX as an iphone app for charting ride data...but as a training tool, how do you include heart rate data? Here is what Fullpower had to say when I asked about the possibility: "Currently Apple has not opened up bluetooth serial communications to developers. ... Read More »

iPhone GS3 & Motionx-GPS

Does anyone have experience with the application using Motionx-GPS off road use,on there new iphone yet! Looking for pro's and con's??Read More »

iPhone & MotionX GPS App

I just completed a night ride around my neighborhood with my iPhone and the app MotionX GPS. The screen is the perfect size and much easier to view than when I use my Garmin Edge 705. Although, the 705 acquires satellites faster and is more sensitive, acquiring them inside my house. Since I did n ... Read More »

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