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Toolmaker Paul Morningstar Found Dead in Booby-Trapped California Home

‏Morningstar, whose tools like the Freehub Buddy–a tool for injecting grease in freehub bodies–and the Rim 'Rench–a tool for straightening bent rim beads, enjoy a cult-like following of professional and home mechanics alike.   Read More »

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Morningstar Tools

Has anyone purchased and used tools made by Morningstar Tools? Are they worth the price and do they work as awesomely as advertised? Are the instructions that come with the tools clear and complete? Thank you for any insight you may have.Read More »

Morningstar Tools !

Check it out if you're looking for a neat efficient mobile way to true wheels/rotor's. TS-3 Gauge style :banana: The gauge can be moved up/down to survey rotor's and rims with ease. Perfect for mobility, speed, and space constraints. [url="http://www.sicklines.com/reviews/morningstarr2oc ... Read More »

Buying Morningstar tools?

OK, after MUCH searching on this forum, it seems like I "need" at least the basic Morningstar tools, i.e. Drumstix for truing the brake rotors and the Freehub buddy with its special lube and special freehub "dustshield". So where does everyone BUY the Morningstar tools? Choices seem a bit ragged.. ... Read More »

morningstar tools

I've been contacting mtbr to add morningstar tools to there reviews page for tools but apparently they are not interested. So here I am with my own posting. For anyone not familiar with paul morningstar he has been making tools for at least 15 years, my favorite tools he makes are the drumstix a ... Read More »

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Morningstar Tools Product Categories


Dropout Square Frame Checking 0
0   Reviews
$ 125.00
Drumstix Disc Brake Rotor Truing 5
2   Reviews
$ 27.00
Freehub Buddy 5
5   Reviews
$ 25.00
Rim 'Rench 0
0   Reviews
$ 27.00
ROC-Tech Truing Stand 0
0   Reviews
$ 24.00




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