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Morati Ti Cranks

I have a Morati crank set that I'm running on a new ss build. Ti spindle and bolts too. I was wondering if anyone knows how tight I should crank down on the bolts? I used a steel bolt today and set it at 32 ftlbs which is less than I used to crank down square taper Al cranks with Ti spindles ... Read More »

wanted morati 110/120 ti M-Bar 4 project

I am after a morati m-bar for my Sunn 000 ti project. I already have everything except the bar. Living in New Zealand I have only seen pics of the bar and being on the dark side of the world so to speak finding 1 down here is impossible. :madman: I appeal to the wider MTB world if you have 1 or ... Read More »

Morati Ti cranks

Thought you guy's might enjoy some picture's of my crank's. They are Morati Ti crank's painted with HOK kameleon paint. The bash guard and chain ring are both carbon fiber. In the bash guard is engraved KU'U 'ANELA O NA KILAKILA MAUNA. The second apostrophe in 'ANELA and the O are real emerald's. Th ... Read More »

Whatever happened to Morati?

Remember the Czech titanium frame, fork and component builder from the mid 1990s? Are they still around?Read More »

Morati Titanium cranks. difference between mtb and road cranks?

Is there any difference between MTB and road bike Morati ti cranks? Or is it one set suites all? If there is two types how can you tell the difference? JoshRead More »





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