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Need help with frame ID - Miyata STB

Seat tube decal says "Chromoly - Miyata Exclusive - Splined Triple Butted" drop outs are forged, no ID. I already started stripping the paint - rust only on surface, clean inside and mint under paint [IMG]https://amurfa.dm1.livefilestore.com/storageservice/passport/auth.aspx?sru=https:%2f%2famurf ... Read More »

Road bike restoration...worth it? 1998 Miyata road bike

Hello gents.I have a 1998 vintage Miyata 10 speed road bike with a chrome moly frame that I am wondering if its worth making the effort to restore. Are these worth the money and effort to upgrade the wheels, crankset and other components and make it into a worthy workout bike for the road?This isn't ... Read More »

Need your photos of MIyata Ti Bike

I'm finishing the work on my '92 Miyata Elevation 8000, and the last thing I need are the decals. Velocals has the downtube decals available, but not the top tube or elsewhere. If you have one of these bikes (or something where the artwork is close enough that they might be able to fake it), ple ... Read More »

'84 Miyata Ridge Runner

[ATTACH]714875[/ATTACH] Got the frame from my bro-in-law, stripped, primed and painted it myself. The parts i got restored was the frame, fork, bullmoose bar and the Tange Levin headset. To complete the build i went with newer components. By the way, here is a pic of the original build i got from ... Read More »

Craigslist Find: Koga-Miyata

Is this bike anything special? i saw this on my local Craigslist. Figured I'd pass it along. I don't know anything about it, but it seems to have some good parts for the price. [url=http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/bik/2973109301.html]* Koga-Miyata * Magura XTR XT Manitou *[/url]Read More »





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