Hot news: RockShox finally reveals new RS-1 inverted fork

We’ve been speculating about RockShox’s new RS-1 for weeks now and today the company confirmed the new fork is an inverted, 29er-specific cross country model.    Read More »

Gear Review: Giro New Road Women's Apparel

Giro targets women with its daring, mountain bike capable, New Road line of casual looking, but technically serious cycling apparel. See if they hit the mark or come up short.    Read More »

Handmade Show: Ritchey rolls a fattie into NAHBS with launch of new Commando fatbike

Ritchey goes back to the future with new Commando fatbike. Orgainic farmers rejoice.   Read More »

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2011 poploc remote missing allen bolt to affix to handlebars, ideas on size?

I have a 2011 reba fork with a poploc remote. My issue is that the allen key to affix the remote to the handlebars is missing. Does anybody have an idea on the threading and size of that bolt?Read More »

Anyone missing a (stolen) black Santa Cruz... Blur??

I've been trolling craigslist ever since my own SC Superlight was stolen 3 weeks ago - and it's pretty obvious when the person writing about the bike they're trying to sell doesn't own it. Like this: [url=]santa cruz[/url] Craigslist posting ... Read More »

Wanna ride to work - what am I missing (for equipment)

Ahoy! Okie.. It's about 9.6 Miles to work, and I'm trying to get myself in shape to make it a regular thing... I'm not planning on riding at night, so skipping the whole strobe light thing for now. What I have: * Stock 2013 Trek 8.3 DS * Empty underseat bag * Helmet * Water bottle * Bike Lock ... Read More »

Low pressure gauge doesn't register. What am I missing?

It doesn't read no matter what presta valve I put it on. Stans, forte, specialized, bontragger. It would appear that there might be something missing in the chuck which would depress the end of the valve down to release air into the gauge. I can put it on and take it off and never hear air movemen ... Read More »

Stewart Forest - Missing Wallet

Went to Stewart today with a friend, when we were leaving he thinks that he left his wallet on the roof of my car. If anyone finds a wallet at or around the Weed Rd entrance for someone with the initials MBD or MD, please let me know. Thanks for looking!!Read More »

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