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Misfit Psycles , good frame, what do you think?

I have recently been checking out the Misfit dissent frame after a friend told me he is getting the Canadian made one. So I have sent a few emails to Peter asking a few questions about the frame specs. All my emails have been returned in a few hours or less. Quicker than actual friends of mine. So I ... Read More »

Misfit Psycles - Anyone else having issues?

On December 11th I ordered a Dissent AL in Raw with a bronze head tube badge. At the time I ordered the frame the status was "In Stock" and said it would usually ship in 24 hours. After over one month, a series of emails, no tracking numbers and no real answers from Peter when he does actually respo ... Read More »

Misfit Psycles diSSent ALC KD Junior 26 Frame

[URL="http://www.psyclestore.com/products.php?product=diSSent-ALC-KD-Junior-26er-Frame"]Link[/URL] Kinda Pricey compared to the Sette Reken frames others have built up. butttt... it is made in North America as a kid specific 26er and the manufacturer claims it is corrected for an 80mm suspensi ... Read More »

Misfit Psycles diSSent for a Clyde???

Hey All, Anybody have any advice or experience with the diSSent frame (AL) for a large Clyde? I'm 6'6" 290 and wonder if the XL will hold up under my weight and also if the bike itself will fit? I'm probably looking to set it up geared with possibly a SS setup for the winter. ThnxRead More »


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29er Hardtail

diSSent Frame 4.86
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