Middleburn help

I just got a set of middleburns for my single speed. The cranks come with a nut that tightens down on the inside once you have the chain ring on. What tool do I need to tighten the nut down on the chainring? I can't find anything that seems to be that size with all the park tools. Middleburn's site ... Read More »

WI Fixed Cogs & Middleburn Sweet Torque 'Star' Patterns

Does anyone know if they are the same? Both have 12 points but beyond that haven't been able to find out. :confused:Anyone know? Thanks in advance.Read More »

Calling all Middleburn Duo ISIS/Square Taper users: chainline to INNER chainring?

I've got an ISIS spline set of Middleburn RS7s running on a 113x73mm BB, and I am having a hell of a time getting the chainline anything close to the middle of the cassette without needing 7mm worth of spacers (calculated chainline to the middle of the cassette is ~43.5mm as per the calculations on ... Read More »

Middleburn RS-8 X-type vs Sram X9, vs E13, RF, OD, etc.

I am looking to upgrade my crankset on my On One Fatty, and I am considering mainly the RS8, and x9 cranks due to the removable spider, and the possibility of running a single chainring smaller than 30t. the RS8 x-type is $229 and very light. I don't know what the X9 will weigh or cost yet. A ... Read More »

Middleburn cranks?

Hey guys, Looking to pick up some new cranks. I really a decent quality square taper crank. The Eno cranks won't work for me, and I like the look of the Middleburn. I can't find much info on them. Are they still sold anywhere? Specifically the RS7 UNO? Thanks, -RRead More »


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