Featured User Reviews: Bontrager XR1 Tires - SRAM X0 Twist Shifters

Winners of the Bontrager Write-A-Review Contest! Congrats to “afullsodacan” and “FLLMTR”, the Week 4 winners of Bontrager’s Write-a-Review Contest! "FLLMTR" winner of a Bontrager Evoke Saddle and "afullsodacan" winner of a Set of Bontrager Tires were chosen at random for their reviews of the ...    Read More »

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Paid Spam: WTB Microshift Thumb Shifters (9 speed)

I know a lot of you have upgraded from the stock Microshift Thumb Shifters that come stock on Surly's, so how about selling me your old pair? I may be one of the few people that actually like them on my Moonie, so I'm looking for a pair for my Long Haul Trucker. I broke my thumb years ago and sti ... Read More »

Help with Microshift Thumb Shifter on Moonie!

Or perhaps it's the front derailleur? I dunno. I've only used index shifters before, so my thumb shifter ignorance will probably show. :p Build: [LIST] [*]2012 Surly Moonlander [*]Stock Microshift SA-109 thumb shifter (3 speed) [*]Stock Shimano SLX FD [/LIST] What's happening: Sometimes ... Read More »

Microshift: Anyone have experience with their mountain bike stuff?

Are Microshift shifters any good? I'm thinking about putting a set on a loaner bike. Don't want to spend much money on it. Can't find any reviews on them. Anyone out there using them? Please only give comments if you know what you are talking about. If you know of problems please be specific.Read More »

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