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Miche carrier system

Okay, this is a little techie, but I just R &R the cog on my road fixie and it was such a none event I had to share. 3-4 years back I needed to replaced the cog, I went with the Miche Cog carrier system. I tried photographing my bike, but they didn't turn out, so I'm using some photo's I found. The ... Read More »

The Miche fixed cog system

This is pretty cool. My old Suntour 18x1/8 fixie cog finally wore out and while I was looking for a new cog I saw this system and thought I'd try it out. You need a carrier and cog. The carrier screws on and the lock ring holds in the cog. The really nice thing is once you're set up, these really hi ... Read More »

Miche Primato Cassettes

Does anyone have any experience with Miche Primato cassettes ( made in Italy )? They use descrete cogs with spacers making for easy customization. And the price is easy on the wallet. michaelRead More »





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