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DRD Intense at California Golden State Cup

Escondido, CA (March 28, 2012) – The ‘DRD Intense’ professional mountain bike team started the season early by competing in the 1st round of the California Golden State Cup in Fontana California. Team riders Cody Warren (3rd) & Austin Warren (7th) both capitalized on the strong competition to j ...    Read More »

Bike Vault's David KVO Scores 2nd at Fontana Finals

Escondido, CA (March 5, 2012) – The ‘Bike Vault’ professional mountain bike team had yet another successful event this past weekend, at the Southridge Winter Series finals in Fontana, California. Team riders David KlaassenVanOorschot and Brad King races to their best finishes this season by placin ...    Read More »

Bike Vault - Southridge Winter Series #4 Report

The Bike Vault professional mountain bike team got together this past weekend at the fourth round of the Southridge Winter Series in Fontana, California. Although Brad King has been holding things down for the team, teammate David KlaassenVanoorschot has had to sit out the first 3 rounds with a bro ...    Read More »

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Where to find Maxima oil for Reba?

I picked up a service kit for my Reba RLT, but am now in need of some oil for it. I read that Maxima oil is a good alternative to the Rockshox oil. But, I can't find any locally. I checked eBay and saw none on there, I also checked Maxima's USA site. While I can buy directly from them, at $6.50 ... Read More »

Motorex vs. Maxima (or Silkolene) Fork Oil

Does anyone have any info on the performance and specs of Motorex 5wt fork oil (for the damper) vs Maxima or Silkolene? Im going to do a basic oil change in my Dorado. Manitou prefers Motorex, and says Maxima and Silkolene is "fine". The simple solution is of course to just get the Motorex, howev ... Read More »

Maxima Fork oil is it safe?

I recently change my seals on my 05 Float RLC. Replaced the oil using Maxima 10wt fork oil. I'm not 100% sure if the Maxima fork oil is full synthetic the race fork oil is. Is it safe to use until my next oil change or should I change it immediately?Read More »

2005 maxima

Anyone have a hitch mount rack on their max? Looking to put a hitch on my car any Suggestions thanks.Read More »

Manitou a.b.s. + upgrade and maxima 5wt, very slow damping!

I believe the 5wt maxima oil is what they call for.. but man, its stupid slow! the rebound damper actually works pretty well, so it doesnt exactly pack up.. the faster/harder i hit stuff, the better it works. low speed rebound is excessively slow. its set as fast as it goes. lsc is excellent, bu ... Read More »

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