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Riding the Honda Grom with Brian Lopes

Riding (and racing) a bike of a different category and an interview with Brian Lopes. Honda's new Grom isn't a mountain bike but it will appeal to riders of all kinds.   Read More »

Smooth Moves: DirtLabs Provides Quick Service and Advice for Your Ailing Suspension

Mike "Luby" Lubesmier and Mike Howse, principals of DirtLabs suspension, talk all things suspension and give the skinny on set-up, maintenance, and what riders should be doing to keep their springs in good nick.   Read More »

Former Maverick Manager Starts Suspension Repair and Overhaul Lab

Boulder, Colorado. From within the walls that brought the world the Speedball seatpost, the DUC 32 fork and the legendary Maverick Frames comes the nations newest suspension service center. Mike Lubesmeier former Maverick Sales Manager and technical guru charted his own course when Maverick sold to ...    Read More »

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Maverick SC32 Help

Good afternoon all! This is my first thread on the forum , just like to say what a great help reading all the information on here has been and I have learned a lot . Still a n00b when it comes to the cycling world but loving it so far :) & having so much fun on my bike again ! Anyway... I've mana ... Read More »

I'm done with Maverick

Why? There are NO parts available off-the-shelf here in The Netherlands! And I'm not going to bother anymore with buying parts overseas, Anyone intrested in a hard ano ML7 frame in Size L with a dead rear strut?Read More »

Maverick ML8 Conversion to 1 X 9 (or 1 X 10?) ??

Thinking hard about converting my 2010 ML8 from 3 X 9 (actually 2 X 9 with bash) to 1 X 9 with bash. Currently 32/22T in front, 64 X 104 (4 bolt) BCD. Probably would go to 28T in front, to keep low end ratio as low as possible. Looks like inner ring position (22T) is the better place for a single ri ... Read More »

Buying a Maverick in 2013

Hi guys, My name is André and I am from Portugal. A couple days ago went to a local bike store wich was authorized dealer of Maverick. They have about 3-5 used ones there (some already "made" and others in bits: mainly ML7's with SUC32, DUC32 and one with a manitou minute). I immediately fell in ... Read More »

Does anyone have an opinion on the 1997 Maverick?

I am looking to buy a new bike, since I have gotten serious about biking and my last bike died. A friend is offering to sell me a 1997 Iron Horse Maverick, and it fits me perfectly. Has anyone here actually owned one and can comment on the build quality of a bike that old? Also, it is in good condi ... Read More »

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Maverick Product Categories

29er Forks

DUC32 3.75
8   Reviews
SC32 3.43
7   Reviews

All Mountain Full Suspension

ML8 4.96
25   Reviews
$ 3599.00

Dropper Seatpost

Speedball Remote 3.72
25   Reviews
$ 0.00




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