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Lookee what I got! (Marinovative pr0n)

The Background: I've been looking for a set of red or green Cheap Tricks for years, YEARS I tell ya. Every time a set (in any color) popped up on Evilbay, the price went through the roof or I forgot when it ended, or something stupid (like work) got in the way. :madman: Anyway, these popped up whi ... Read More »

Spam - Marinovative Decelerator on ebay.de

Hi, have put a pair of Decelerators on ebay.de (one of 3 pairs had to go... :cool: ). They come in the original box with the original manual, hard to find. Shipping to the US is no problem at all. Any question, let me know. oldmanRead More »

Wanted: Marinovative Cheap Tricks

I am looking for two complete sets of Marinovative Cheap Trick II V-Brakes. Color not an issue. Anyone looking or know anyone who might be looking to sell? You can email me or reply to the thread. Inspector Gadget GPBRead More »

Marinovative Cheap Tricks

Hi there, I have been reading a bunch of posts about the ti versions that where just up on ebay etc. I have a set that I restored that are just the cheaptricks any idea what they are worth ? I am missing the one screw that is the spring stop and I have all the pad spacers koolstop threaded pads ... Read More »

Marinovative Decelerators...

Does anyone have any Marinovative Decelerators layin' around that they would be willing to sell or trade to me? I've been looking for these for a while with no luck.Read More »





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