2013 Sea Otter Classic Pro Downhill Photos and Results

Aaron Gwin and Jill Kintner win the 2013 Sea Otter Classic downhill and we've got tons of photos from the race!   Read More »

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Place to ride after dark near Ft. Washington to Malvern

Alright, so I can't ride after work now since it's getting too dark after work and weekends are full of things that my wife asks me to do. I don't want to quit riding till like April and get fat and all out of shape till then. I already feel I'm getting out of shape and it's harder to ride now. ... Read More »

You'd be better on a Malvern Star

When we moved into our house last year, the previous owners left a low lying cupboard. We didnt want it so we pulled it apart to throw out. While doing this we discovered a whole heap of old news papers stuffed down the back. These were very old as in 1950's Sydney Morning Heralds old. They made int ... Read More »

Jamis Trail X 2 vs Malvern Star XCS 2

I know there both not the greatest bike, but if you HAD to choose. which one? [url]http://www.jamisbikes.com/usa/thebikes/hardtails/trailx/09_trailx2_bn.html[/url] for the malvern star, go to the address, click range > xcs 2.0 [url]http://www.thelegendisback.com.au/[/url] cheers, timRead More »

Malvern star super-x mtb's - $700-800???

umm yeah they dont look that great but what do you guys think... by the way im not lookin to get one i just saw them at LBS. heres link: [url]http://www.malvernstar.com.au/Performance/Super-X-MTB.asp[/url]Read More »

Need new LBS, Malvern area near valley forge park?

Looking to find a new shop to call my LBS. I do XC, freeride and DH so staff with some knowledge would be nice. Basically I'm located at the south west end of the park. Any recommendations on a good shop would be greatly appreciated.Read More »

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