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Sonya Looney Rides the Mongolia Bike Challenge: Part 2 - The Harsh Reality

At 3 AM, the rain on the roof of the Ger finally stopped. The sky was inky and ominous as the morning sunlight suffocated behind the clouds. Cold rain was imminent.   Read More »

Sonya Looney Rides the Mongolia Bike Challenge: Part 1 - The Adventure Begins

The Mongolia Bike Challenge has been touted as one of the top 5 hardest mountain bike stage races in the world. I was ready to test my fitness against some of the top European and Australian racers in the world.    Read More »

Trek 6000 Mountain Bike Review

When you can get 6000 for under 1000 Lustful Logic The MBT test crew prides itself on steering clear of bike snobbism but we’re human just like you. It’s only natural for us to drool over the latest big-travel designs, carbon fiber frames, lightest this and hottest that. So when affordable, sen ...    Read More »

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Lumpy's Crack Wax

Found a small spray bottle in my garage. Must be circa 10yrs old. Works great. Run out now. Company seems to be no more. Anyone remember it/know an equivalent?Read More »

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