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Lumicycle Sys3

One of my work collegues has the Lumicycle Sys3 led light, he was asking if i could make it any brighter. Looking at the optic it appears to be a ledil cute 3, the leds are XRE's. The cute 3 for the XPG is the exact same dimensions as the cute 3 XRE optic, so this would be a straight swap. My on ... Read More »

Hope/Lumicycle/Trailtech HID group buy

I'm wanting to order some WA HID parts but looking for others to help meet the minimum order value & share postage costs to the UK - anyone interested?Read More »

Lumicycle LEDSYSTEM 3

[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="3"]Took delivery of my [URL="http://www.lumicycle.com/product/115/single-head-units-850-lumen.htm"]Lumicycle LEDSYSTEM 3[/URL] lighthead today. Looks very smart and offers an amazing 850 lumne light output in the highest stand with its 3 LED lights. I plugged it into my ... Read More »

Tiger vs Lumicycle LED vs Lupine LED

I want to buy an LED light. Any comments would be appreciated especially if you have tried any of the above. Thanks.Read More »

Lumicycle QR light mount, where to buy?

[url]http://www.lumicycle.com/Product/0/qr_lrg/qrlargecamlockbracket.html[/url] Is there anywhere to buy this QR mount other than lumicycle in the UK? I am afraid that shipping time and cost will be prohibitive. Ideas? Thanks.Read More »


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