Compare-O Bottom Line: Born on the ‘shore’ Norco Range 7.1 packs proven DH chops in AM package

The burly Norco Range Alloy 7.1 can handle the steepest and gnarliest of trails all while offering one of the best values on the market today.    Read More »

Specialized Command Post BlackLite Review

This mechanical adjustable seatpost has three positions, and uses a collet system for locking, a remote cable actuation for release, and air spring for return. The post is an upgrade of last year's Command Post, and includes innovative quick-release remote, three travel options, improved internals a ...    Read More »

2006 Marzocchi Z1 Light RC2 Service

The 2006 Marzocchi Z1 Light is an acclaimed 150 mm fork made for one year only. In the US, it featured the successor to the HSCV damper in the form of the RC2 damper, which had compression, as well as rebound adjust. On the other side, it offered the well regarded ETA rebound lockdown, and finally ...    Read More »

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2012 Stumpy FSR Upper Shock bolt? Loctite?

After my ride yesterday I noticed my upper shock bolt was slightly loose after going through and torquing all my bolts on my bike to spec. It was the only loose bolt on my bike, I was thinking about putting a dab of blue loctite on the bolt. Any issues with that? Its an aluminum frame fsr.Read More »

Loctite on caliper mounting bots?

The caliper mounting bolts from Shimano come with a little dab of what appears to be blue Loctite. If I've run the bolts in and out a couple of times should I re-dab with fresh Loctite or is that overkill?Read More »

Loctite ?

Should I be using this on bottle cage and frame pump bolts?Read More »

Mojo SL-R Bearing replacement - loctite? grease?

So - My bearings are shot in my SL-R. I got the bike in July and took it all the way apart for the first time over the weekend to chase down some disconcerting noises. Turns out I have created some lovely flat spots in the dw link bearings (upper and lower, fore and aft). I'm chalking it up to being ... Read More »

Grease or Loctite? What do you recommend for each bolt?

I am trying to get a list together for a post on what bolts on our machines to use grease on and what bolts to use loctite on and would love to hear your opinion. Here is a list of the bolts that I can think of on a bike, fi you can think of any others please add them. Stem bolts - Seat Post ... Read More »

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