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Race Video: Brian Lopes slaying Leaping Lizard DH on his new Intense Tracer 275

He may be in the over-40 age bracket, but when it comes to going fast, Brian Lopes proves he’s no old man. Check out this quick video of him absolutely scorching the Leaping Lizard DH on his new Intense Tracer 275.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Santa Cruz's über Bronson a beautiful, agile killer

It’s beautiful. It’s expensive. It wins races and slays mountains.    Read More »

Spy Shots: New inverted RockShox RS-1 fork

RockShox has left a trail of breadcrumbs leading to their new, high-zoot inverted RS-1 suspension fork—but they haven’t said anything officially. We look at the evidence, take some guesses and make our bets.    Read More »

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Lizard's dropouts

I have a '07 Chameleon with horizontal dropouts and no matter how hard I tighten the rear QR, on every gnarlier ride or jump or even if I ride down on couple of steps the rear wheel always goes excentric almost touching the left chainstay. :incazzato: How do you guys fix this?Read More »

lizard owner`s Input

I`m 6`1 250lbs and tired of single speeding on flexy xc frames.This bike looks like what I want.I want to run ss ridgid 26 back wheel 29 front,and maybe 650b on back if it will fit.Any input on the 08 frame would be great.ThanksRead More »

Lizard Skin on my Epic S-shocks

Is this OK? Any side effects? I've ridden it twice on the trail and so far so good. I did this for the purpose of keeping the shiny Specialized shocks clean. Due to mount position, epic shocks tend to get dirty compare to other FS bikes thus cleaning is very tempting after each ride.Read More »

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