Life on the Dirt Road - Living the #BusLife

We just received these photos and videos from Dirt Norco Race Team rider Jonathan Duncan. It is a behind-the-scenes racer's look at traveling through Europe from one World Cup event to another and how it is to have a "home" on wheels. Words, photos and video by Jonathan Duncan Life on t ...    Read More »

Video: Juliana Bikes heads to New Zealand with Anka Martin for a Kiwi girl-duro

Poking eels with sticks, hopping into helicopters and shredding rad trails are all on the agenda for Anka Martin and her friends from Juliana Bikes in this new edit. See it all here.   Read More »

Fun, techy Soquel Demo Forest a perfect host for our Enduro Compare-O

Though it only measures out to 2,600 acres, the Soquel Demonstration State Forest packs a big mountain biking wallop. We show you around the place, and give you the map for a Compare-O of your own.    Read More »

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How's Bountiful for biking and living?

Bountiful is on our list of potential spots to settle down. We will be checking out some homes on the bench and were looking for some info on Bountiful. Tell me about the biking, schools, neighborhoods, community, etc.Read More »

What's living in Texas like?

I'm 26, single, working a private security job at a medical facility in SW Ohio (Cincinnati). I'm getting burnt out looking for law enforcement positions in this area, and it seems like the departments are always laying people off even after landing a job. It's not uncommon to have 3k applicants app ... Read More »

Living X - Living Extreme Mountain Bikes - Anyone know anything about them?

I stumbled on a 19.5 inch in what seems to be their team issue last night on Craigslist. It is too big for me so I won't be riding the frame (have a buddy it will fit if he wants it) but the Ti Manitou and the seemingly never pedaled XTR were just too hard to pass up and I was able to get it for a ... Read More »

Living in Santa Cruz is humbling sometimes

I consider myself a decently decent cyclist. Certainly not super-hammer guy or super-ripper guy but I do ok. Well, nothing will give you a reality check like living around here sometimes. On my commute home last night I got smoked by a guy on a singlespeed mountain bike. I on a CX bike. Last year ... Read More »

Living in Vallejo: Any Good Local Rides?

Just looking at google maps, I see a lot of hills and fire roads outside of Vallejo that look like fair game. If I'm moving there, I want to make sure that I can just leave my house, ride to the trails through no less than 5 or so miles of city, and be good to go. Any of you guys live there? ... Read More »

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