Compare-O Bottom Line: Born on the ‘shore’ Norco Range 7.1 packs proven DH chops in AM package

The burly Norco Range Alloy 7.1 can handle the steepest and gnarliest of trails all while offering one of the best values on the market today.    Read More »

Video: Light Trails - Colored LEDs Light-up Rider and Bike

Check out this amazing and innovative video from WOOProductions from Switzerland. It is called Light Trails and it shows us what can be done with a full set of LED lights equipped on both rider and bike as they give off a very "TRON"-ish type effect.    Read More »

ORP's Bike Light With Integrated Smart Horn

ORP's LED bike light with integrated (and loud) horn helps cyclists to be safe when riding in traffic, but use wisely.   Read More »

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Light clipless with platform add on

Hi can give me some models of dual action pedals Clipless with the option of the add on platform for when I just ride short distances.Read More »

Need info on Dynamo light

I just ordered the PD-8 dynamo hub. My brother is going to make me a USB box to output power. Are there any traditional lights out there that can operate at the same time they are plugged into a USB port for charging?? I was hoping one of the niterider lights like their lumina 650 might fit the bi ... Read More »

Light "click" or "snap" or "clunk" when pressing down hard on pedals

Hey guys. A few weeks ago I started noticing a click or snap that can be felt as much as heard when I push down on the pedals really hard (pushing up a steep hill, accelerating hard from a stop, etc). I took my bike in for a tuneup, because it was due anyway, and they were going to replace the c ... Read More »

Saddles? Something light weight but also soft on the bottom.

I am not a total weight weenie but I'm trying to keep my parts as light as possible. I bought a selle SLR xp which is advertised at only 160g. I finally got a chance to try it on one of my bikes since my light weight build isn't complete. I found it to be the most uncomfortable seat I've ever had. W ... Read More »

LOST light on South Branch @ Roaring Creek

Lost a Night Rider light on South Branch Trail at Roaring Creek last night. It's somewhere to the east (toward Rt 42) from the blue bridge. If found, please PM me or it can be dropped off at the Numidia Airport. Thanks! JimRead More »

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