Review: Troy Lee Designs A1 Drone Helmet

The A1 was a good helmet but the A1 Drone is a lot better looking and a lot less expensive. That makes it a good choice in the face of stiff competition in this popular fit. In the end, good looks is brought home by good coverage and awesome fit and comfort.   Read More »

Review: Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet

Troy Lee, a brand with rabid customer loyalty and a long tradition in downhill clothing and helmets sought out to make their first half shell helmet with the A1. They gave it full coverage, an adjustable visor and excellent padding and ventilation.    Read More »

Trail Rated: Troy Lee EG and KG Armor Built to All-Mountain, Enduro Spec

In the market for 'goldilocks' armor for your Enduro race? Something that's not to heavy but not too light? Read on and see if these ones are for you.   Read More »

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EVS Sports WB01 or Troy Lee 5205 Brace

My history in biking is zero, and I just turned 41 so I'm trying to be safe as possible so I don't break anything. I had a few mishaps at a local park this weekend that could have sent my flying so now I'm looking for wrist brace. After doing some searching the Troy Lee does not appear to have many ... Read More »

2013 Troy Lee Sprint Shorts

Does anyone have these shorts yet (or seen them in person)? If so can you comment on the pocket situation? Troy Lee's description mentions something about a hip pocket which leads me to believe its just a single small pocket? Any give specific info how many pockets and if they are reasonable size ... Read More »

Left my Giro Xen helmet and Troy Lee gloves at the Dreamy Draw parking lot

In the haze of my post-ride stoke I managed to leave a grey/blue Giro Xen helmet and some red Troy Lee XC gloves. Yes, I'm an idiot. I went back the next morning after noticing my screw-up and they were no more (checked with ranger also). Please let me know if you found them! Trust me, you do NO ... Read More »

Poc Trabec Race or Trabec Race MIPS or Troy LEE a1 helmet

I am considering to buy a second helmet I am thinking to get POC Trabec Race, Trabec Race MIPS Version or Troy Lee A1. Do you think the POC Trabec MIPS version worth the money and what do you think about the protection level that Troy Lee A1 compared to POC Trabec Race/ MIPS?Read More »

My Friend Wi Lee...

Wiley Coyote that is... A very friendly coyote in the Diablo Foothills yesterday afternoon. He didn't really want to be bothered by me which let me get a bunch of shots of him. Cool looking animal..and a nice ride as well.. [url= ... Read More »

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