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SRAM family mourns the passing of innovator and engineering leader John Cheever

SRAM innovator and senior engineer John Cheever passed away last Sunday, succumbing to the brain cancer he battled for the past three years.   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Ultimate one bike quiver? The $10k Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon might be it

You won’t win the Enduro World Series on this bike, but you could ride it just about anywhere in the world.   Read More »

Hot News: Trek now testing 27.5 for downhill racing with new Session 650b bike

One of the superpowers of downhill racing, Trek Bicycles revealed today that they are now testing the capabilities of the 27.5 wheel size, which has been the domain of the proven 26er wheel size.   Read More »

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Leader bike great brand

first excuse my poor,I've Acquired Illuminati Bloodline bike is a fantastic frame with an incredible price, but best of all, the great attention and advice of people bike leader, I answered every email I send them, trying by all means resolve all doubts and questions raised by me, with great patienc ... Read More »

Leader Bike Build... Comments Please!?!?!?!

My first bike build. Going for an XC (reasonable light but durable) setup that can take some moderate abuse if needed. Have a look at the build parts. Let me know how it looks. [B]Frame: [/B]Leader 516H (17") [B]Headset: [/B]Cane Creek ZS-6 Zero Stack [B]Fork:[/B] Marzocchi MX Pro ETA [B]S ... Read More »

Leader Bike Frames?

Anyone out there have any experience with their hardtail frames? Thinking about building one up and looking for some opinions from people who have tried them.Read More »

GF's new bike (Leader LD 510H)

This has been one of my winter projects (also built myself a SC Blur) and just completed her recently. It's the gf's first mountain bike. Leader LD 510H Frame 14" Headset: Cane Creek Zero Stack 2 Avid bb5 mechanical disc brakes Manitou Skareb Comp Forks Shimano M440 square taper crankset XT f ... Read More »

Leader Bike Frames

Have some good deals posted on Ebay. Anyone ever own one or work with them. Looking for just a frame for a build up and one of their close outs would be perfect if it was the real deal.Read More »

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LD-516H 4.3
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