Compare-O Bottom Line: Love it or hate it, electronic suspension cometh and Lapierre strikes first with bold, new Spicy 527

Just like their countrymen Daft Punk, French bike-maker Lapierre brings a unique brand of electronica to the US.   Read More »

Compare-O First Look: Lapierre Spicy 527

Lapierre’s burly Spicy 527 is ready to rumble with its stout four-bar Horst Link-style suspension, but is the world ready for its electronically-controlled suspension?   Read More »

First Look: Lapierre Ups the Ante with Electronic Intelligence Shock-Equipped Bikes

Lapierre's new Spicy 527 hits the US with its e:i suspension system that senses bumps and pedaling inputs, then adjusts damping accordingly at a rate of 20-30 times per minute. Is e-sus ‏ready for prime time?   Read More »

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Lapierre Zesty 650B

My wish has come true! A 650B Zesty is coming [url=]Lapierre Mountain Bikes 2014 ? First Look - BikeRadar[/url] :thumbsup::thumbsup:Read More »

Lapierre 2014 Spicy 650B & Zesty AM 650B

[url=,5906/2014-Lapierre-Spicy-Team-650B,58227/bturman,109]Sneak Peek: Lapierre's 2014 Spicy 650B, Zesty AM 650B, and Zesty Trail 29er - Sneak Peek: Lapierre's 2014 Spicy 650B, Zesty AM 650 ... Read More »


Should be interesting... especially with Vouilloz on this for the Enduro World Cup series... [url=]Sneak Peek: Nico Vouilloz?s Lapierre Spicy Team 27.5 | Mountain Bike Review[/url] [img] ... Read More »

Lapierre Zesty 314 2013

I'm looking to get a full sus xc bike as the Felt Nine Sport I currently have was a good starter bike to get me riding again but I need something better. I want to also move from 29" back to 26". I have been looking at the Lapierre Zesty 314 which has some good reviews. Are there any Zesty riders th ... Read More »

Lapierre Spicy 516 or Knolly Chilcotin

Lapierre Spicy 516 or Knolly Chilcotin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, time for me to do this, but a harder decision ive never made (not for along time anyway). Ive spent two months researching bikes, specs, sizes, reviews and test ri ... Read More »

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