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KustomCaps.com Custom Laser Etched Top Caps

Add some flair to your ride and maybe a bit of inspiration, too! I found out about KustomCaps while surfing the Mtbr forums, recently. These are a neat, little way to dress up your rig with some flavor and style from a new company. KustomCaps.com just started up around late summer of last y ...    Read More »

Best Mountain Bike Gift Ideas - 2012

Welcome to Mtbr's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! Every year, we present some gift ideas for that special mountain biker in your life and every year the biggest complaint is that the items we suggest are too expensive. So, this year we have gathered this list of gift ideas and we start off with a few stoc ...    Read More »

Caption Contest: Gnarly Endo - Win a Prize!

This week, we've got something special. We are going to start awarding a FREE KustomCap to the best caption! So put your thinking caps on and give us your best, funniest captions for this pic! (This photo is Copyrighted by Jody Gomez aka 'PhotoMom') This week's lucky winner will receive t ...    Read More »


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