Kinetic Trainers with InRide iPhone App

Admittedly, indoor trainers are not as cool as riding an all-mountain bike in a redwood forest singletrack. But with the impending arrival of winter, I dropped in to see the green machines at Kinetic. David Simpson immediately grabbed my attention with some cool stuff: Kinetic InRide iPhone app ...    Read More »

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PAID Spam: Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Fluid Trainer

[URL=""]Linky...[/URL] For some reason IE keeps crashing when I try and view the ad, so I can't add my pictures right now...but it's the green one! [IMG] ... Read More »

Bought a Kurt Kinetic: Now What?

Been riding for decades, never rode an indoor bike, never wore a heart rate monitor, never took a spinning class etc. So I when it snowed in October this year I bought the Kurt Kinetic. Couple questions: Do I get a computer with cadence and a heart rate monitor to attach to the rear wheel? Wh ... Read More »

Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll

One of the best rated trainers, now at the best price I've ever seen, right from the Kurt Kinetic site. It's a demo unit, but it carries the full warranty. Mine arrived looking bran-spanking new. You would never know it was a demo - who knows, maybe it wasn't touched. Sure, it's a 2007 grey colo ... Read More »

Kurt Kinetic Fluid Trainer + computer

Hey all, Im thinking about picking one of the Kurt Kinetic Pro Trainers and I just want to know what peoples experience is with them. [url][/url] I am also looking at getting the computer that goes with it so i can train based on wattage. However, im s ... Read More »

Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll

I am looking into purchasing a trainer. I have narrowed it down to the Kurt Kinetic. I am wondering if anyone has the new Rock & Roll unit? If so how do you like it? Pros? Cons? I like the idea of being able to have it solid or "rockin and a rolllin". Thank you in advance.Read More »

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