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Ktrak Introduces Bicycle Rear Drive System

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ktrak Cycle Corp. is thrilled to announce the retail release of its innovative bike kit to the worldwide outdoor sports marketplace. Just in time for the ’07/08 Winter Season, the rear-drive track system creates a world of winter biking opportunities. Fresh and groomed snow sh ...    Read More »

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Ktrak at Ski Resort? (Ontario, Canada)

Its that time of the year again, wet muddy slush snow packed trails and no more carving single tracks. Ktrak has been around for 5-6 years as I recall (might be wrong). Every year, I want to get one but always wonder if it will work, will I actually go out and ride and how often. I always spot great ... Read More »

Any experience with a Ktrak conversion?

Anyone have any experience with one of these? [url=http://www.ktrakcycle.com/]Ktrak[/url]Read More »

Anyone seen a Ktrak out there?

Apparently, since this thing only has one wheel, it is not a bicycle, and thus can explore the sacred, designated Wilderness. (correction: it's still a "mechanical device" and prohibited, oh well) See: [url]http://www.ktrakcycle.com/[/url] BTW, folks watch out for a few pending bills in Congress, ... Read More »

KTrak Pretty cool.....

I don't know if this was posted before: This looks like something I'd never get to use but for you folks in the Snow Belt:thumbsup:Read More »

Ktrak snow kit

Has anyone tried one? Not exactly fat, but snow-related. [url]http://www.ktrakcycle.com/[/url] AndyRead More »

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