UBP Adds Two New Staff Members

  January 15, 2008 (Ashland, OR) - United Bicycle Parts ("UBP") continues to expand and is pleased to announce two new staff additions. Dylan Robbins has been hired as the company’s newest Inside Sales and Customer Service Representative. Dylan is an accomplished sales professional with a str ...    Read More »

PRO-LITE and ON ONE now available from UBP!

  November 13, 2007 (Ashland, OR) - United Bicycle Parts ("UBP") is very pleased to announce it has expanded its product offerings to include two new high profile lines, Pro-Lite and On One. Pro-Lite is perhaps best known for their proprietary branded top quality road, track and Tri/TT wheels. ...    Read More »

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Kool Stop Salmon V-Brake pad woes

Just bought some V-Brake inserts (Salmon). The ones I had were the black Kool Stops and performed well. I thought I'd try Salmon this go around. However, it feels like they're made of marshmellows. Literally. Meaning, I've got the pads adjusted correctly. However, after the pads contact the rim, I c ... Read More »

Kool Stop or Goodridge

I have Elixir CRs and need new pads. Instead of going with Avid pads, I thought I would try Kool Stop or Goodridge replacement pads. Anyone every try these? Thoughts? ThanksRead More »

Kool Stop Salmon pads wear faster?

Does anyone notice them wearing out faster then what else Kool Stop has to offer? My old Eagle2's on a canti setup showed a lot less wear then this. Setup: SD5 Linears SD7 Levers Jagwire Ripcords Everything is setup properly I had a guy I deal with at my LBS who I trust set them up just in case. ... Read More »

Hopes and Kool Stop?

Anyone running Kool Stop pads on their Hopes? What do you think of them? Power, noise? I have a LBS that carries them and I am looking for some new pads for my M4s.Read More »

Kool stop pads + Juicy Ultimate?

I tried to install some Kool Stop pads in my 2009 Juicy Ultimate calipers and they don't fit. The backing plates (aluminum KS-D270A) seem to be about 1mm too long to fit in the caliper opening. Anyone had this problem and is there a solution other than going to another pad manufacturer?Read More »

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