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? generation Kooka cranks/will these break on me?

First, thank you for any input. I bought this crankset today for my 1998 Rat Ride 1x1 because it was cool, period correct and 110 BCD. Now, I'm reading some less than positive reviews about Kooka cranks. Does that apply to these forged cranks? I assume these are a later generation as the pro ... Read More »

Paid Spam - Precision Billet Proshift, Kooka, etc

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Kooka history

I remember when kooka cranks first were introduced. I was starting a bike mail order business(yeah, to support my MTB habit) and kooka readily sold me several cranks. My friends were so lucky. Some of the first ones cracked; kooka improved them and replaced them. The spider of the crank was w ... Read More »

Paid SPAM, Kooka "Rasta" cold forged cranks in 175mm

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FS Spam: Ibis Hakkalugi, 1991 Slingshot, Fat Chance Yo Eddy, parts, Grafton, Kooka

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