anyone have a koobi saddle?

I have been reading about these and I am thinking about getting one for my roadbike. The company was started by MTBers. Anyone have one? from reading about them hey seem like the best.Read More »

Koobi Saddles?

Has anyone tried one on a hardtail for an endurance event? Trying to decide between suspension and an HT for some endurance events this year, and I recall that these are marketed as a suspension solution for HTs. Wondering if its BS, or they actually work. Edit: 5 chili peppers in 5 reviews, ma ... Read More »

Koobi SI gel $20

[url=]Koobi Si Classic Gel Saddle | Koobi saddle | Koobi SI Classic[/url]Read More »

koobi-centry or cobb-plus drt

Wanting to get one of those seats that takes the pressure off of the perineum nerve... I get numb junk after long rides.. :eekster: So looking to see if anyone has any thoughts on these seats.. koobi -[URL=""]century [/URL] cobb cycles- [URL="http:// ... Read More »

Koobi saddles?

I couldn't find much reviews about these saddles probably becaue they weight almost 300g. But they do have a 30 day return policy. I am looking at this one, sleek and have custom bumpers you can put in. looking to take the edge off the bumps of my HT. has anyone used their saddles? [url]h ... Read More »


Koobi Product Categories


Au Chrono 3.5
4   Reviews
$ 60.00
Bronze 3.33
3   Reviews
$ 25.00
Classic 4.09
47   Reviews
$ 0.00
Pursuit 3
2   Reviews
$ 55.00
SI Classic Gel 4.61
31   Reviews
$ 90.00
Silver 4.71
7   Reviews
$ 60.00
Xenon 3.43
13   Reviews
$ 160.00



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