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Knolly Bikes Video: Retallacka

Fresh off the presses, this video comes to us from the guys at Knolly Bikes. Featured here is Knolly Team rider Garett Buehler putting his 2013 Knolly Podium through it's paces. And if you like the Black Keys, this video features their BEST song. Where did the name for this video come from? Re ...    Read More »

New Knolly Team Edition Chilcotin

We are thrilled to celebrate our continued partnership with James Doerfling, Ryan Berrecloth, and Garett Buehler by releasing our new Chilcotin all mtn/freeride frame in team edition Day Glow Yellow. We currently have FULL STOCK on our highly acclaimed all-mountain design… The Chilcotin. This tra ...    Read More »

Review: Cane Creek DBAir CS rear shock

The DBAir CS is a more polished and greatly improved shock than its predecessor, and the CS mode offers increased pedaling efficiency and riding comfort on difficult climbing terrain.   Read More »

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Advice on first Knolly!

Looking strongly at getting a Endorphin frame in a size XL. Will be coming from a carbon Nomad with a 170mm Zoke 55. What is the maximum fork length recommended for the new Endorphin? Is a Zoke 55 too tall? Does anyone have an experience using a 36 160mm Talas? Any help is greatly appreciated. I ... Read More »

Fight for my knolly

Today I was doing jack squat at work and got a feeling that I should go home. When I walked into the parking lot of our apartment complex a guy was riding out of it on my bike, so I yelled and started running after him. My roommate was at his girlfriends apartment and saw me running after the guy so ... Read More »

Garett Buehler on his Knolly Endorphin

Here's a little trail bike action for ya, don't miss the last 30 seconds of this edit: [URL="http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Knolly-Endorphin-Garett-Buehler-Edit.html"]Fun on a trail bike![/URL]Read More »

VIDEO: The Knolly Endorphin is the most versatile trail bike in the world

Ridiculous riding by a long haired freak of nature. Don't miss the last 30 seconds of this edit: [URL="http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Knolly-Endorphin-Garett-Buehler-Edit.html"]Garett Buehler on his Knolly Endorphin[/URL]Read More »

CCDB fitment on Knolly Delirium

I just picked up a 2013 CCDB (someone sold it off an Uzzi), and I'm planning to fit it to my Delirium. I'm familiar with Fox's bushing system and such, but I'm at a loss on what to do with the CCDB, and all the parts I need to fit it to the Delirium. If someone could let me know which parts I'll ... Read More »

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Knolly Product Categories

27.5 Full Suspension

Warden 0
0   Reviews
$ 2450.00

All Mountain Full Suspension

Chilcotin 4.71
7   Reviews
$ 0.00
Endorphin 5
23   Reviews
$ 2750.00

Downhill Full Suspension

Podium 5
5   Reviews
$ 0.00

Freeride Full Suspension

Delirium 5
42   Reviews
$ 2650.00
V Tach 4.96
28   Reviews
$ 3200.00


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