Shootout: One Long Race, Four Bikes Compared

Racing four different Santa Cruz bikes for this year’s TBF 50 Miler in Granite Bay! The Tallboy would start off the shenanigans, while saving the speedy Highball for the end.   Read More »

Tested: 2014 Trek Remedy 29er with 140mm of Travel

Trek’s Remedy 29 is a very capable descender with big wheels and 140mm of rear-wheel travel. But is it an agile handler and able climber as well?   Read More »

First Look: S-Works Enduro 29 Weighs in at 27 lbs with 155mm of Travel

Well this new 2014 looks like it has all the answers. It is 27.33 lbs, has a climb switch on the Cane Creek DB Air rear shock. And it is now using the smoothest front fork available today, the Rockshox Pike with 160mm travel.   Read More »

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KMC X9SL Superlite 9 Speed Chain Ti Nitrate on an 8 speed cassette?

[FONT=arial]Anyone use the [COLOR=#000000]KMC X9SL Superlite 9 Speed Chain Ti Nitrate [/COLOR]on an 8 speed cassette & felt it was [U]not smooth enough?[/U] [/FONT][FONT=arial]I found[COLOR=#800000] [URL=""]6-speed, 7-speed, 8-speed, 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed?[/ ... Read More »

KMC X10 Ti $23.70

Just found this chain at a pretty great price at Treefortbikes. Shipping is only $2.99 under $125. Under $27 for this chain seemed like a great price and wanted to try KMC's chain. [url='#navbar=pro___333222363632___118]Chain at Tree Fort Bikes[ ... Read More »

June 16th KMC Clasic p/b Rotor USA State Championship XC Race

Staff needed for the Sunday, June 16th [B]KMC Classic p/b Rotor USA[/B] State Championship XC race in Palmer Park, Colorado Springs. See [url=]Sand Creek Sports - Mountain bike racing in Colorado[/url] for all race details and the Technical Guide. Contact ... Read More »

Reconnecting a KMC Z chain - bad idea?

Chain in question: KMC 3/32 / 7/8spd budget flat-plate Z-chain, with a half link in it. I disconnected the chain at a different spot (not at the half link), and I'm ready to reinstall it. It's a bit used, but certain not worn out. [B]Am I asking for trouble here by reusing the pin the in the ... Read More »

7.1mm vs 7.3mm KMC 8.93 chain

I purchased a KMC x8.93 chain last year to have a back up chain for my Shimano CN-IG51 on my 8 speed mountain bicycle. My current Shimano CN-IG51 chain is 7.1mm wide. When I purchased the KMC x8.93, it was spec'd it as 7.1mm however, when I received the KMC x8.93, the packaging states, 7.3mm. My que ... Read More »

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