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Klunkerz in Salida

Rented a house in Salida over the weekend and skied Monarch, fun mtn but no fresh snow. When we got back to the house there were a couple 40+lb cruisers in the garage. Me and a buddy decided to go check the singletrack that was just at the edge of town. While it was slow going uphill, I have not had ... Read More »

Klunkerz dvd are now for sale again

I emailed Billy Savage regarding the Klunkerz dvd a few weeks back, he emailed me today to let be know that he has them in stock, so I ordered my copy. Billy is such a cool guy, he was prompt in his responses and sounds real down to earth. I have been trying to find this movie since I read the stor ... Read More »

Clunkers-Klunkerz .....

Estimados bici foreros: Ahora que el estimado Serrengetijack puso en la palestra del H.Foro la palabra o mejor dicho la bicicleta Klunker y dado que la gran mayoría del foro son jóvenes recién salidos de la adolescencia ja ja ja no es cierto pero en realidad seguramente no vivieron la época inici ... Read More »

Searching for Klunkerz on DVD - any help?

My brother really wants Klunkerz on DVD for xmas, I've been searching for a little while now (klunkerz website, amazon, ebay, a few lbs) and have had 0 luck in finding a copy. Anybody have any advice on where to track down this great documentary? I believe a few of the films stars occasionally ... Read More »

Klunkerz on KQED tonight

6:00 p.m. tonight. This is the abridged version, shortened from the theatrical or DVD release to fit the time format.Read More »

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