A few more Whiteface 5 kK DH pictures

Here's a few more pictures form the 5 k dh from friend and professional photographer[URL="http://www.bearcieri.com/"] Bear Cieri.[/URL] Tim Howland # 18: [IMG]http://i552.photobucket.com/albums/jj351/DownhillMike/BearCieri3.jpg?t=1252620103[/IMG] Dominic Picotte # 137: [IMG]http://i552.photobu ... Read More »

kk got my jump so where do i go from here

ok so im getting quite a bit better at DJ im now landing regularly a 4ft. jump with a 8 foot gap, right now im on a wal-mart BMX bike but u ride what u got right? but im building my next DJ bike, my question is what do i do next? try tricks or bigger jumps or more....where do i go from here? ~so ... Read More »

1UP or KK

It's time for a new trainer as my old mag unit has some serious issues going on. I was thinking either the 1UP trainer or the Kurt Kinectics Pro unit but cannot decide where to spend my money as they both have great reviews. I can get either for about $300 so the price does not factor in so I came h ... Read More »

Taking an DX Aurora Kk-p7 apart?? anyone?

Ok so, I want to take this thing apart to increase the wire size for a potential brighter light and to see how to chop it up for a helmet/remote battery setup. I can see threads inside the "cup" and It appears that it would unscrew from the battery housing. A 22mm wrench can hold the battery housing ... Read More »

KK disk Hub broken on 2005 kona stuff

went out for a ride tonight and the hub gave up on me... as the title says its a 2005 kona stuff.. the axel broke and im looking for a replacement.. now how hard is it to find one online or would a LBS carry it.. or the other option of just not wasting my time and buy a new complete hub?Read More »


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