Kindshock LEV Seat Clamp Coming Loose

I picked up a LEV a few months ago. It's a dream come true except for the seat clamp which chronically comes loose. I used carbon grease on the cradle and seat rails, no grease at all, and swapped seats. Torquing the bolts to spec or reefing on them makes no difference as the seat would start to ... Read More »

Kindshock loose / horizontal play

If I twist my saddle it's a little loose. Not up and down, but left and right. Used to be hardly anything. Now, while not a lot, is something. And I'm starting to notice it while riding. Any way to fixe this with out sending it in for service - again?Read More »

KindShock post not staying up...

After two years of perfect performance my KS i950r is finally having issues. When locked up it floats up and down with my weight. The cable was just replaced 'cause I broke it and it worked perfectly afterwards so it's not the cable. The guys at DNA are pretty sure it needs to be serviced. Just wond ... Read More »

Kindshock FD-X5

I just looking for new Taiwan shock solutions, new and reliable. found Kindshock FD-X5. It have only dual paralleled springs: air and coil. [img][/img] Cannot buy this shock, manufacturer told that they currently testing thi ... Read More »

Kindshock LEV

just threw this bad boy on the EL Chucho, first impressions is that it's a very well thought out dropper post. I dig the multi positions of the cable stop that is built into the post, adjustable by 15 degree increments. To fit the El Chucho cleanly i set mine 15d to the left from the front-center po ... Read More »


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