Video: Wounded Veterans Ride 100k on Memorial Day Weekend on Trek Fuel 29ers

Memorial Day is considered by many as the opening day of summer and the start of many mountain bike trips and adventures. But let us not forget the true meaning of this weekend.   Read More »

2013 NAHBS: Highlights and Winners from Denver

The 2013 NAHBS or North American Handmade Bicycle Show took place in Denver this year, and showcased US and international handmade bicycle frame builders. It encompassed everyone from larger companies, to one-person operations, whom all have the passion and love for handbuilt bikes. The bikes are pr ...    Read More »

NAHBS: Hand Made Bikes Photo Gallery

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is a combination of beautiful art and amazing craft work. Highlighted in our photo gallery here is just a sampling of the 2013 edition of NAHBS from Denver.   Read More »

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New Kitchen Kent

New Kitchen Kent Try looking at w w w . s o l i d w o o d k i t c h e n . c o . u k . They have some amazing designs and prices. New Kitchen Kent [url=]New Kitchen Kent[/url]Read More »

XL rentals near Kent?

Hey guys, I'm visiting family in Kent this eek and I was wondering if anyone knows of a shop that rents good FS XXL or XL frame mountain bikes? Even if I took out a demo bike, I would be ok with a higher price tag as long as it fits. Any info/help is much appreciated! One more note: any ... Read More »

Water level at Peters Dam/Kent Lake in Marin? Spillway passable?

Is the spillway at Peters Dam/Kent lake passable or is it covered by water? I want to use it to connect to the fire-road across the spillway from the dam to get to Shafter Grade road. I am going to be out there this weekend with my daughter and some of her friends and want to ride up Peters Dam R ... Read More »

Kent Eriksen

Anyone know the status of the companies activity? I have on order a sweetpost from over a month ago, whenever I email there's no reply... beginning to get concernedRead More »

Kudos to Kent Howes for the KGB reroute!!!

I was out there yesterday. The reroute fixed an area that needed some work. It also eliminated erosion issues. The result is a new switchback that works really well. Nice job to Kent and his worker bees....whoever they were...I did not see an entry on the work log yet. Wish I could have helped! ... Read More »

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