New Kitchen Kent

New Kitchen Kent Try looking at w w w . s o l i d w o o d k i t c h e n . c o . u k . They have some amazing designs and prices. New Kitchen Kent [url=]New Kitchen Kent[/url]Read More »

XL rentals near Kent?

Hey guys, I'm visiting family in Kent this eek and I was wondering if anyone knows of a shop that rents good FS XXL or XL frame mountain bikes? Even if I took out a demo bike, I would be ok with a higher price tag as long as it fits. Any info/help is much appreciated! One more note: any ... Read More »

Water level at Peters Dam/Kent Lake in Marin? Spillway passable?

Is the spillway at Peters Dam/Kent lake passable or is it covered by water? I want to use it to connect to the fire-road across the spillway from the dam to get to Shafter Grade road. I am going to be out there this weekend with my daughter and some of her friends and want to ride up Peters Dam R ... Read More »

Kent Eriksen

Anyone know the status of the companies activity? I have on order a sweetpost from over a month ago, whenever I email there's no reply... beginning to get concernedRead More »

Kudos to Kent Howes for the KGB reroute!!!

I was out there yesterday. The reroute fixed an area that needed some work. It also eliminated erosion issues. The result is a new switchback that works really well. Nice job to Kent and his worker bees....whoever they were...I did not see an entry on the work log yet. Wish I could have helped! ... Read More »


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