Reviewed: Kenda Nevegal-X Pro Tires

Called the Nevegal-X Pro, the key design goals were to make the tire roll faster, make it lighter, and have a smoother transition through cornering. These were deemed the best areas of improvement for the Nevegal and Mtbr agrees.    Read More »

Pro-Am Kenda's Race the World XC and Gravity East DH

Pro-Am Kenda's Race the World XC and Gravity East DH Announced for Windham World Cup Event Windham, N.Y. – Professional and amateur cyclists are invited to be a part of cycling history and race with the best athletes from all over the world during the Gravity East Series downhill (DH) and Kenda’s R ...    Read More »

Win a Set of Kenda Tires in the VP Components Dirt Club Enduro Weekly Prize Drawing

Win a set of Kenda Nevegal or Excavator Tires worth $100 - Reg Up for the VP Components Dirt Club Enduro to be entered in our weekly prize drawing Santa Barbara, CA., (March 3, 2012) – The VP Components Dirt Club Enduro (June 23and 24 at the Dirt CLub in Los Olivos, CA) registration is open. This ...    Read More »

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Kenda Slant Six 29er's tires - feedback from first ride

Hey everyone, i just wanted to give my feedback on these Kenda slant 6 tires. I have a fuji 1.9 Nevada 29er that I have converted to singlespeed. I upgraded the wheels to Mavic Crossrides a couple weeks ago and yesterday I mounted some Kenda slant six tires. I kept debating on getting the Kenda na ... Read More »

Kenda Klimax Lite XC Tire

What do you think of these for my beater? [url=]Kenda Klimax Lite XC Tire | Kenda | Brand |[/url] 90% blacktop, the woods are bumpy but just roots. Won't see much debris on the streets either. I was goi ... Read More »

Kenda Honey Badgers

Anyone have experience with the new Honey Badgers in 26"? I'm looking for a fast roller and I really like the looks of the side knobs on this tire for cornering. I'm wondering if there's a tubeless-ready version and if so where to get it.Read More »

Kenda Nevegal tubeless

Hello, was wondering if the Kenda Nevegal can be tubeless. Never had any experience with tubeless tires so can anybody give me a rundown of how to do it? Thanks in advance!Read More »

Kenda Honey Badger 650b???

Anybody tried these yet? [url=]Universal Cycles -- Kenda Honey Badger DTC SCT 650b Tire[/url] I've scanned the tire reference thread and no mention. I just bought a pair for a 29er HT that have not been mounted yet, but they lo ... Read More »

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Kenda Product Categories

Older Tires

Krisp 2.92
11   Reviews
$ 9.99
Kwick 3.17
15   Reviews
$ 25.00


1   Reviews
Cortez L3R Pro Tire 3.8
9   Reviews
Dred Tread DTC 4.29
14   Reviews
Karma Stick-E 3.87
46   Reviews
$ 45.00
Khan 3.89
1   Reviews
Kharisma 3.41
14   Reviews
Kharisma Lite 3.28
16   Reviews
Kinption 4.5
7   Reviews
Knarly 3.33
1   Reviews
$ 19.99
Kolossal D.H. 4.26
19   Reviews
$ 40.00
Kontender 4
3   Reviews
$ 14.99
Kwicker 3.25
2   Reviews
Telonix Stick-E 4.36
4   Reviews


Heavy Duty XC Tubes 3.67
2   Reviews
$ 7.99
Kenda Lightweight tubes 1.86
21   Reviews
$ 4.00
Ultra Lite Tubes 2
1   Reviews
$ 11.99

Tubeless Tire

Kharisma UST 3.16
43   Reviews
$ 50.00
Kinetics UST 3.71
16   Reviews
$ 39.99
Klimax UST 4.25
3   Reviews
$ 39.99



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