Help with ID'ing some tabs and mounts on a '90s Keith Lippy mountain tandem

This frame seems to have been built sometime in the mid '90s (140 rear spacing, 1" steer tube, painted-to-match Proforx suspension fork, under chainstay U-brake). It's got a couple tabs and bolts that I haven't been able to identify. I posted this in Tandems as well, but figured it wouldn't hurt t ... Read More »

Interview With Keith Bontrager

[url=]Interview with Keith Bontrager - Mountain Bike Reviews, News, Photo and Video[/url]Read More »

yeah keith darner!

17 Questions: Keith Darner - More Mountain Bike VideosRead More »

Keith Bontrager Interview

I am super pumped to have been able to ask Keith some questions as well as some questions from the people of the Interwebs...check it out: [url=]Singletrack Geek: An SG Interview - Keith Bontrager[/url]Read More »

keith, Jay- Rune Revisions, any word??

Rune revisions?? Any word on what they may be? After the Rune wish list thread responses I think the Rune really only needs minor tweeks.Read More »


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