KCNC Ti Pro Seatpost Review

Reviewed by Brian Mullin aka Gram and MTBR.com Pastajet http://www.gramslightbikes.com/ I have been riding the new KCNC Ti Pro Lite seatpost for over 5 months now, and not only is it a nice looking seatpost, but it is one of the best lightweight seatposts currently on the market. My older K ...    Read More »

Pro Reviews: Table of Contents

Below is a comprehensive list of all the Pro Review articles available on Mtbr.com: -THE LIST! Index of Bikes, Parts, & Gear with Pro Reviews- Bikes: 29er Shootout 2008»» -Banshee Paradox 29er -Bionicon Edison LTD -BMC FS01 -Cannondale Moto 2 -Cannondale Rize -Cannonda ...    Read More »

Ashima AiRotor Review

Reviewed by Brian Mullin aka Gram and MTBR.com Pastajet http://www.gramslightbikes.com/ I have been extremely lucky to have had an exceptionally long term test period with the Ashima AiRotor. They are one of my favorite products I have used, not only because they work excellently, but they are ...    Read More »

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KCNC X7 levers and hose with Shimano XT caliper - Any chance?

Hello, Couple of days ago while leaving from work, I noticed that somebody had cut my brake hose and stolen my KCNC X7 rear brake caliper! I was shocked because I cannot understand that what he will do with it (in Finland, markets are small so its hard to sell that specific piece). Anyway, I ... Read More »

KCNC vs Extralites vs Pauls

Hey fellas, been running the Pauls Motolite v-brakes and Compact levers for the longest time. I like how they feel and more importantly how they stop. That being said, how do the KCNC and Extralite stack up in terms of power/modulation etc? I dig how the KCNC and Extralite look although I ofte ... Read More »

Full Carbon Saddle with KCNC Ti pro Lite-8000 seatpost...

I bought a full carbon saddle(110grams) earlier and would like to mate it to my KCNC Ti Pro Lite-8000 seatpost but the KCNC clamping system is not carbon rail friendly. I think I need a carbon cradle or something. Any suggestions ??? Where I can get one ? My weight is 140LBs. Thanks..... ... Read More »

Easton EC90 carbon seatpost or KCNC Pro-Lite 8000 seatpost....Prices are similar. Whi

I need to buy a new seatpost for my 29er. The two finalist are Easton and KCNC. I'm 135LBs and do regular trail run. No jumping. Which one should I get ? I did some digging and found that peoples are complaining regarding the clamp in the EC90 and carbon post are more troublesome. KCNC is light ... Read More »

kcnc v-brake lacking bite

took my rebuilt adroit out on its maiden voyage and noticed my kcnc rear brake had little to no stopping power. Has anybody else had this problem? , do I need different pads maybe? , any suggestions. :confused:Read More »

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